Onward and Upward

As you know, I have had a pretty craptastic year. (See previous posts) So I am ready for something new! Something exciting! Something fantastic! How can I be so happy? So upbeat? Frankly, I don’t f-in know.

Someone asked me that not too long ago, “How come you are so happy? You have had the year from hell, more than most people have in a lifetime and now you’ve been dealing with your back for 6 months (2 herniated discs, one bulging), how can you maintain this outlook?”

I answered her with this, “I don’t fu@king know. I just keep plodding along, doing what my heart tells me. I guess it’s not in me to sit around and mope. I just am not that type of person. I believe we have choices: we can choose to give up or we can choose to go on. There was just something on TV where some guy said it was proven that a positive outlook cannot help or change things. I think he’s full of shit. A positive outlook might not cure my MS, or my back, but it was as sure as shit keep me from playing in traffic. If I can’t push myself to keep going, what have I got? I find things to do that don’t involve hurting my back. I can’t ride, but I go and groom my horse, or I paint, do yoga, knit . . . until I am back on track, I have to find other things that i enjoy. And I think that’s the secret: don’t sit around, pissed at what you can’t do. Enjoy what you can. So that’s my secret!”

Then we poured more wine and had a laugh at ourselves, and at life.What we have is a gift: good friends, family, and the future.

Domestic Goddess? Hardly

I officially crossed over to the dark side (shudder). I did something I never thought I’d do. I am even a little bit ashamed. I swore, up and down that I would never resort to something such as this.

I ironed the pillowcases.

I know, it’s disgusting. Me, a self-proclaimed “nothing like Martha Stewart” turned on the iron, waited for it to heat and pressed it against the pillowcases full of wrinkles. In my defense, I did let them sit in the laundry basket, waiting to be folded for about 4 days. So I can hold onto a little of my self-esteem.

Don’t get me wrong-I like to bake and do some things around the house. But I’m not one to obsess about it. I dust when I see the dust. I clean when I see something needs cleaning. I keep my kitchen neat. I scrub the toilets. But I don’t fret about it. I am not one who says, “Every Wednesday I clean the bathrooms, and every Thursday I clean the floors and every Saturday I do the shopping, not at just one store, but maybe 2 or 3, depending on what I need.” What? (And yes, I know someone like this) I remember having a conversation with the person referenced here and she made a comment, “The most important things to me are cooking and keeping my house clean.” I came back with, “The most important things to me are my family.” I would much rather spend my time playing a board game or going outside with my son, riding my horse, reading or knitting (yes, that is my one domestic-related vice). I like to see a well-rounded life, not one that makes me a slave to the laundry or the floors or my countertops.

I would never have thought I’d see the day I’d iron a pillowcase. My husband was thrilled as that is what his mother did when he was growing up. He was the kid with the creases in his jeans. His mother even ironed his underwear. I told him I stopped at pillowcases. We’ve been married for 12 years and this is the first time I ever laid iron to case. It will be a long time before it happens again. So I proudly will proclaim myself the opposite of Domestic Goddess. Hmmm . . . what is the opposite of a Goddess? A Troll? That’ll work. I’m a Domestic Troll and proud of it. (I looked for a good image of my Troll, but I couldn’t decide. I included two. I can choose depending on my mood. I’m leaning a little toward the Warrior Troll. I think that suits me a little better.)

Warrior Troll

Maybe her?

Yes, I’m back

I know, I know. I have been getting emails asking where I have been. I’ve been here, just not blogging. I know, that is wrong. But I will say I have been sick quite a bit, and now that I am feeling better, I have been BUSY! So here are a few updates:

Last weekend I worked the Stoney Creek 2nd Annual Dressage Schooling Show. What a blast! We had a lot of wind and cold, but a great turnout and a great show. Here are some pix:

Second, since we are on the horses, I got a new horse. I am leasing Apostrophe Pete and he is great! He is so sweet and so willing to learn! Here are some pix of him. He is an 8 yr. old Thoroughbred. So we hope to do some shows this summer. Yes, I still have Willy and he is still going strong.

Matthew is well – just turned 7 yesterday! Hard to believe! He is growing up – he is an advanced orange belt in karate and is playing baseball and soccer.

So that is really everything in a very bried nutshell. I’ll be updating this regularly, now that life has somewhat returned to normal!

Happy 2009!!

It’s a new year (finally). And a new beginning. My surgery is now 2 months old, and I am feeling better (slowly). My MS  has been feeling pretty good, a few flare ups of minor proportions, so nothing to get worried about.  I took it easy over the holidays and tried not to get too stressed. I made some decisions to try to alleviate the stress in the future (namely, not doing everything for everyone). 

So it is time for the resolutions. I resolve to take better care of myself. Make exercise a priority. And I have missed riding so much these last 2+ months. Riding is a priority – and showing. My horse will be 20 years old this spring and I want to enjoy him as much as I can in whatever time we have. I want to do more painting, a lot more. I have been doing more wildlife and animal painting and i really love it. I still love the portraits, but I was kind of foundering around, trying to figure out my niche. I want to get back into calligraphy as I have missed that so much. I want to write more, and be more creative. 

I also hope to be able to do more for others this year. Help out, volunteer, do something to make a difference. I want to make a difference in someone’s life or offer something to others that can be of help.

So those are all of my hopes for the new year, to stay healthy, physically and mentally. I would also like to learn to play guitar, but that might have to wait for 2010. For now, Guitar Hero will have to do.

I’m hoping that 2009 holds something great for all of us.

The new blog

OK, I finally did it. I changed the look of the Reality Chick blog. It was time for a change. Today is a snow day – considering that the kids have off for the next 2 weeks, this is an unwanted extra day! 17 days of vacation! It is already long!

Christmas is almost here and I am (not to jinx myself) MS-attack free! The first time in many years of not having the old ugly MS beast raise its ugly head. Is it the Tysabri? I think that is a lot of it. But I also think that having surgery in November forced me to slow down and not get so stressed. So maybe I’ll learn a lesson. Maybe I just have to have surgery every pre-holiday season! (Kidding)

I just want to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or just enjoy the season!