Hi there. I am Reality Chick, Keli DiRisio. Giving a definition of me is a little daunting, because I am different on any given day.

Who am I? I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, an artist, an equestrian, a creator, a teacher, a student, a leader, a follower, the funny one, the sappy one, the serious one.
I hope I am a comfort, a source of strength, a positive role model, an inspiration. I am the one who cries at commercials, hates to cry at movies, and loves a good cartoon.
I love to ride horses, paint with oils and watercolors and read a good book. I love to play golf and just enjoy a beautiful day.
For the knitty-gritty: My background is in advertising and graphic design.
I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 17 years ago this past April. I am co-founder of a video production company, One Smart Cookie Productions. I am also a real estate agent with Realty 3, LLC. I am always bursting with ideas so you never know if I might come up with a new company or product! I am also married to a wonderful guy and have a fun-loving son!
So I don’t really know what else to say about who I am. I guess you kind of get an idea.
I feel like I have so many things to tell, and now I am here to tell it.


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