I’ve been blocked!

Facebook, you can love it or hate it, or maybe a little of each. It’s a great way to reconnect with those who we lost touch with over the years. It’s a fun way to discover obscure facts and read funny jokes, or it’s a great way to waste time.

As much fun as all of this is, I think it’s sad that people have to use a pseudo-anonymous website to let everyone know they are mad, sad, pissed, upset, etc. I was shocked to find out that someone I knew blocked me. She isn’t a close friend, more of an acquaintance, but I’ve known her for a number of years. Apparently I said/did something that got her dander up. But instead of acting like an adult and telling me what I did to offend her, she blocked me. I find that to be the most juvenile action you can take. Did she sit at her computer and say, “Keli really made me mad. I know! I’ll block her! That will show her! But the best part is she won’t even know!” ?

If you aren’t familiar with blocking, the person you blocked can no longer see or find you on Facebook. I found out because I went to tag this person in a photo and her name didn’t come up. I mentioned it to a mutual friend and she mentioned that she just saw a post from her. So I figured it out – I had been blocked.

I had to laugh. If I did something to piss you off, tell me. And everyone is using Facebook as a way to express their angst. I love these posts: “I’m so mad!”, “I can’t believe it!” , “What a bitch!” OK, I’m being sarcastic. I hate those posts. If you want to tell us all that you are mad, or you were wronged, than tell us. And if you are mad at me, don’t block me. Unfriend me, tell me, whatever, but don’t think I won’t find out that I was blocked, because in between looking at pix of kitties, I will find out.

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3 thoughts on “I’ve been blocked!

  1. Keli – I would try to contact her unless you really know she is mad. She may have done it accidentally. I have a friend that hadn’t responded to any of my email jokes that I send out – and she usually did. So..I called her and we figured out that she had accidentally blocked me in her email.

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  3. There are other possibilities. For example, I know people who block me because they are embarrassed for me to see what they are going, They don’t know how, or are too lazy, to separate their friends into lists (think “Worlds Colliding” from Seinfeld).

    Or, for example, I know one woman who got her feelings hurt because I am never interactive on her site. For example, I don’t ever “like” her posts. Well, she is one of those that post a zillion pictures of her kids, reposts the most cheesy sayings, and never says anything that I would like. So let her get her feelings hurt—she needs to, as a fellow blogger says, find something worth saying or just STFU.

    Just saying it may not all be about you.

    But if it is about you, and you are confident in what you posted, then who gives a shit if she blocked you? There are new friends to make!

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