A little time off

It’s been a while since I wrote. I kept thinking about it, but felt I really didn’t have much to write about. That’s not technically true, I guess I felt that I didn’t have much to say that anyone would care about. Not that that matters, I guess.

Now it seems I have so much to write about, it would take forever. First, my health (not to jinx it) has been good. I feel good, my back feels good (thanks to a new physical therapist) and I feel like things are going well. I have a possible new venture that I hope comes through. I’ve started a natural body products business, Twig and Leaf Naturals, that I am loving. Love the products and love making them.

So glad the election is over – hoping the country turns around, but we’ll see. At least the ads are done.
Been thinking about the direction of my life – I hit my 43rd birthday and I still wonder if there is more or something different I should have done or should be doing. I still think about going back to school – I just want to find something that I love.

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