What’s Next?

I can honestly say I always have this sense of “unfinished”. Like I’m supposed to be doing something, something else. I try to head down a road that I think I’m supposed to and it seems as if someone or something always turns me around. So I’ve started dabbling in some things I’m interested in, and have been getting responses from people that I never expected. So we’ll see. But it just seems that the anxiety, the feeling of unrest, maybe it will go away? What am I doing, you ask? I’ve started making organic products (lotion, scrubs, etc). It wasn’t intentional-it was out of necessity. I was tired of how dry my skin was due to my meds, so I did much research, and investigating. So I said, why not? So I made my own, but have also given them to friends. But unexpectedly, everyone keeps telling me how they love what I made. It just feels nice to have create something that people like.Kind of like art. Being able to share what I can do with others.


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