A good day? Do they still exist?

Yesterday was “the bad day”. I had a horrible day, running around, work, etc. Finally, I lost it. The tears, the weeping, the sobbing. I am entitled to one losing-it per attack and yesterday was it. So today, was for me.

I started with getting my nails done. I never do that. I never pamper myself. There is never time! So today, I did. Then I met a good friend for lunch. It was nice to catch up and hear what he’s been up to.

Then I treated myself and him to cupcakes at Dolce Cupcakery. 3 for me, 1 for him. Maybe I’ll share with the family, maybe I won’t.

I also stopped into a new yarn store. For those of you who knit, you understand the nirvana that this can be. 3 skeins later I left, already planning who was getting what for Christmas.

As simple as these pleasures sound, it made for a good day. Yesterday is still knocking around in my head, but today is starting to fill up the space.


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