The next phase

So finished the 3 days of steroids. To put it in perspective – when your Dr. puts you on prednisone for an infection, you usually take 20 mg. I am getting 3 days of IV steroids, at 1000mg each. So think about how awful that 20 mg makes you feel and multiply it 50 times! I did sleep a little bit last night though.

But a new symptom! Gotta love it – vibrating and numbness in my stomach and legs. It’s a lot of fun trying to walk like this. And of course, the world doesn’t stop and I have work and things to do, so I continue on my way. But going to bed early tonight, that’s for sure.

The high point of my day was teaching a lesson this morning to the nicest girl. It was great to get my horse fix, even if it was thru someone else!


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