And the world shifts

I went to my Dr on Tues with what I am thinking is a flare up of my MS. But before we can even get into talking about symptoms, etc., my doctor of 17 years, someone who I think of as a dear friend tells me he is probably going to be closing the office down. He gave me a few reasons: he has a large infusion center (4th largest in country) and possibly all of this patients he has on Tysabri (and other infusables) maybe created a red-flag with the insurance cos. The insurance companies are definitely playing God with all of us. Now, I don’t know the whole story, but I do know that Dr. Smith did right by his patients and he lived for his work. His aggressive approach toward my treatment was a life saver. I honestly believe I would not be walking, riding, playing with my son if it weren’t for his unwavering belief that there was something that could help.

So now I, and hundreds of others are in a mad dash to find a new neurologist. I am sad to see the end of this journey but I need to look on the bright side and realize I’m heading down a new path with a new sherpa. Maybe a new opinion or thought will benefit me as well.

So I sit here, pounding this out @ 4Am (the battle of the steroids and the sleeping pill ended about 3:30) Steriods: 1 Pill: 0

but this added stress on top of the attack I’m having isn’t helping. If anyone has any input on a good neuro, send it my way.


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