Domestic Goddess? Hardly

I officially crossed over to the dark side (shudder). I did something I never thought I’d do. I am even a little bit ashamed. I swore, up and down that I would never resort to something such as this.

I ironed the pillowcases.

I know, it’s disgusting. Me, a self-proclaimed “nothing like Martha Stewart” turned on the iron, waited for it to heat and pressed it against the pillowcases full of wrinkles. In my defense, I did let them sit in the laundry basket, waiting to be folded for about 4 days. So I can hold onto a little of my self-esteem.

Don’t get me wrong-I like to bake and do some things around the house. But I’m not one to obsess about it. I dust when I see the dust. I clean when I see something needs cleaning. I keep my kitchen neat. I scrub the toilets. But I don’t fret about it. I am not one who says, “Every Wednesday I clean the bathrooms, and every Thursday I clean the floors and every Saturday I do the shopping, not at just one store, but maybe 2 or 3, depending on what I need.” What? (And yes, I know someone like this) I remember having a conversation with the person referenced here and she made a comment, “The most important things to me are cooking and keeping my house clean.” I came back with, “The most important things to me are my family.” I would much rather spend my time playing a board game or going outside with my son, riding my horse, reading or knitting (yes, that is my one domestic-related vice). I like to see a well-rounded life, not one that makes me a slave to the laundry or the floors or my countertops.

I would never have thought I’d see the day I’d iron a pillowcase. My husband was thrilled as that is what his mother did when he was growing up. He was the kid with the creases in his jeans. His mother even ironed his underwear. I told him I stopped at pillowcases. We’ve been married for 12 years and this is the first time I ever laid iron to case. It will be a long time before it happens again. So I proudly will proclaim myself the opposite of Domestic Goddess. Hmmm . . . what is the opposite of a Goddess? A Troll? That’ll work. I’m a Domestic Troll and proud of it. (I looked for a good image of my Troll, but I couldn’t decide. I included two. I can choose depending on my mood. I’m leaning a little toward the Warrior Troll. I think that suits me a little better.)

Warrior Troll

Maybe her?


3 thoughts on “Domestic Goddess? Hardly

  1. Keli…

    Pillowcases? Just stick ’em in with the next load of wash and catch them earlier when they tumble out of the dryer. 🙂 What you need to do is unintentionally do such a horrible job ironing that your husband takes the task over and looks nervous whenever you offer to iron anything.

    This happened in our twenties. We still have different definitions of acceptably “ironed” and “folded.”

    Great story. I see you more as the warrier troll. Is that a troll-Willie?

  2. Too funny Keli! I do iron our pillow cases – but that is just because I like the way they feel. Sure don’t put creases in jeans or iron underwear!!

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