Our elected officials taking advantage of the system? Sounds like it.

I have to tell you, this has me fuming and sick. I hope you all are as incensed as I am at this situation. Please forward this on to everyone you know.

On January 19, 2008 my husband received a phone call from the Monroe County Sheriff that someone had broken into a custom home he was building in Perinton. The trespasser had entered the home, attempted to climb a ladder from the basement to the first floor, slipped on the ladder and broke his leg. The kicker here? The trespasser was James Alesi, our NYS Senator. Senator Alesi was at a custom home DiRisio Builders was building for a client-a private sold job. There was no “For Sale” sign or a realtor sign on this particular property. IT WAS NOT OPEN. It was late afternoon and the home was secured. He proceeded to walk around back through the snow, entered the building and attempted to climb up a metal extension ladder (in his wet dress shoes) and slipped and broke his leg.

Today, a letter arrived from an attorney saying that James Alesi is suing  the home owner and DiRisio Builders for negligence and for his pain and suffering. This is the same Senator who is a member of the Special Committe on Ethics and he is the CHAIRMAN of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business. So he is a proponent of trying to promote small business? Isn’t suing DiRisio Builders, a small custom home builder, a contradiction of terms? He was trespassing and broke his leg after gaining illegal entry. He was trying to look around for his friend. If he was that interested in the home, my husband would have been more than happy to meet him at that home or our model to show him around. Yet, he decided to take matters into his own hands and enter a private property. I guess the rule of law doesn’t apply to some elected officials? Was he above the law?

Oh, by the way – the statute of limitations for both civil and criminal trespass in NYS is 3 years. What a coincidence that he filed his suit on exactly the last day of the 3 years???  So now he is allowing no time for either Lou or the home owner their right to due process.

The Monroe County Sheriff Deputy asked my husband and the home owner when this all happened if they wanted to press trespassing charges and they agreed not to add insult to “injury” and declined to press charges.  So three years TO THE DAY of the accident the letter arrived saying Alesi was suing. This is absolutely disturbing that our elected officials who create our laws then turn around and take advantage of these laws and the system for their own personal benefit. A man of the people? More like a man for himself.

An article was written by Gary Craig about this in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle in March of 2008,  “Senator breaks leg, trespassing into model house” was the headline of the article. I’m hoping by drawing attention to this situation we can spread the word and the message that his original and subsequent actions are inexcusable and unexplainable. Please repost this in your blog, FaceBook page, or send it in email to everyone you think who would be interested in this.


16 thoughts on “Our elected officials taking advantage of the system? Sounds like it.

  1. Mr. Alesi is one of 62 New York State Senators who represents his constituents surrounding most of Rochester, NY. This is obviously a highly respected man of what I would assume is above normal intelligence since St. John Fisher College named one of their newest academic buildings in his honor. It is unfortunate that Mr. Alesi broke his leg in 2008 and continues to have issues associated with that injury.
    All that being said… why would this man trespass on private property, climb a construction ladder and assume it is the contractors fault he hurt himself? Unbelievable! Another example of idiots in government! He’s lost any respect I may have had for him.

  2. Keli, this is a story that should be brought to the media in a big way (and they’ll pick up on it). It’s unfortunate that it looks like he’s going to have to be shamed into doing the right thing. Who knows what he’s thinking, but I suspect the ‘any media is good media’ conviction isn’t going to play out well for him here.

    I recall when this happened. Interestingly, my reaction to the story was to congratulate the builder for having so much class that he didn’t sue for trespassing. I had no idea this was one of your husband’s homes.

    Good luck with all of this.

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  4. Alesi is an R — REPTILE! You have our sympathy as the jackasses in and around Rochester will be on the attack…Alesi and his ilk are all for themselves and their bank account. He cares not one whit for NY or the people who are struggling here to survive their taxandspend governance…

  5. Keli, I don’t know you, your family, or the homeowners, but I wanted to wish you good luck with this. It looks like there is now a lot of attention focused on this case, and no one is supporting Alesi. I also thought it was crazy that he is the Chairman of the Committee for small business and supposedly wants to provide business incentives and then he goes and does something like this. I wrote an email to him yesterday saying how ironic (and stupid) it is to supposedly want to help small businesses and then to sue a small, respected, family owned business. I think lots of people have gone to the NY state senate page and sent him emails.

  6. It seems like there is something missing here. Why was Alesi in the home? Who was the woman he was with? Why was she with him? Details, please. It just makes no sense that a NY Senator was stumbling around a home under construction just to see it out of curiosity. There has to be a story behind the story.

  7. I’m also leaving a link to this on my own blog. You clearly have much kinder words for him than I do, but then again, I don’t provide any sort of service to the community so I don’t have to be as eloquent or professional as you clearly are.

    My guess? Alesi has decided he’s had enough of public “service” and probably didn’t have a plan in place for retirement, so has decided you and your husband, along with the homeowners, should keep him in the lifestyle to which he thinks he should become accustomed.

    I continue to pray, fervently, that this goes to a jury trial, that the jury takes less than 60 seconds to deliberate, then finds for the homeowners and the contractor, then orders Alesi to pay legal costs for the defendant.

    I’d love to sit on that jury.

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  9. Unfortunately, I don’t believe you can recover legal in such cases. Alesi’s probably counting on a settlement. As Keli noted, because of the date he filed, they can’t lodge a counter-suit. Bringing this to a jury trial will be extremely expensive for the defendants.

  10. This really stinks! You should take this to the national media. It’s no wonder our country is in it’s current mess. Politicians are just interested in lining their pockets regardless of whom they hurt in the process. The Senator should be ashamed!

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