Good news/bad news

Well, today was a day of mixed blessings. I had another colonoscopy today. To backtrack – I had surgery 2 years ago to resection my intestine. So I thought I was in the clear – took care of the diverticulosis I had. But a few weeks ago I had some serious enough pain to put me in the Emergency Dept., thinking it was appendix. But no! It was divertic, now on the right side. So after seeing my GI doctor, he expressed some pretty serious concerns. He never came out and said it, but I knew he was thinking of the possibility of something very serious. They don’t know why I am still having problems – is it tied to my MS, or something else.

So today was the colonoscopy (and yes, the prep sucked). The good news was it wasn’t anything as serious as Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis or cancer. But I have divertic again, but now it is throughout my intestines. In the grand scheme of things, I’ll take that for sure. But I have been living for the last week in fear of something potentially life threatening. I have lost a friend to colon cancer and have another friend who is just ending his chemo. So as all of this weighed on my mind , I started to think of everything I am so grateful for.

Great friends, family, the ability to laugh at almost anything (I even joked about my colonoscopy prep). So for this holiday season I hope we all have something to feel good about, laugh about and someone or something to love.


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