And the beat goes on . . .

Yesterday was the charity horse show that I help organize. Proceeds go to the MS society. Once again, we had a great day and it was a great event. There were some great horses and some great riders. Everyone was friendly and appreciative, and it was great to see the people who came to watch. It is a tiring event as we all work our tails off for months before and then the day of the show is non-stop. But it is a good fatigue. We had a lot of fun.
Friday I went to Batavia to watch the A rated show there. It is so bittersweet – I so wish I could be showing, but it seems that something always comes up (usually health related) why I can’t show. I plan on it and then at the last minute – boom. Something happens. I am hoping to get to some shows soon but we’ll see what happens. But I just love the atmosphere. I could stay @ a show all day.
Oh well. So many things to think about, deal with, blah, blah. Need to make some decisions on some work-related things and they are tough decisions. Hopefully I’ll figure it all out. Soon!
So I have been working for about a month straight, with no days off (except for being sick). I need to make some changes in my lifestyle to start taking better care of myself and to start enjoying things a little more. I guess we can all say that.


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