The holidays approach . . .

Here they come. Creeping, sneaking . . . trying to catch us unaware. Then they spring – the holidays! They are here, roaring into life with a vengeance! Am I ready? No. I just addressed all of my cards last night. I realized I don’t have enough. 80 cards and I am still short. Have I wrapped any gifts? Of course not. Am I done shopping? Nooo, but almost. And you know what? This year, finally after many years, I really am not worried. Why? Because if it gets done, it gets done. If not, cést la vie!

Every year since my diagnosis of MS I have had a flare up at the holidays. Stress, life, family . . . it all adds up to one big attack for me. Last year I had surgery in November, so the holidays were very low-key and I did only what I felt like I could. I didn’t stress about what wasn’t done and frankly, no one noticed.

So this year, I feel the same. Because I realized something last year. I actually ENJOYED the holidays. I had fun seeing the excitement of my 6 year old. I had fun wrapping gifts (that I bought all online). I had fun watching specials on TV. It is was Christmas was supposed to be. Not stressing over all the little stuff: cards, wrapping, baking, obligations. It is about enjoying the season, living the magic through the young, being excited like we used to.

Happy Holidays to everyone.


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