It’s official

Well, I am officially out of my 30’s. Today is the start – 4-0, baby. I have mixed emotions about it. And for the life of me, I don’t really know why. Birthdays never bothered me before, but this one . . . this one seems, I don’t know, important. Like it’s time to grow up. It’s official. I remember as a kid hearing someone was in their 40’s and that was soooo old! Now that’s me!

But I’m going into it with a good attitude. Let’s face it, my 30’s weren’t stellar. Health issues abound, maybe this new decade will bring some good luck with it! The last day of my 30’s was a fog – going on 2 hours of sleep due to the meds from my last attack, I don’t really remember much of the day. Plus it was Friday the 13th so maybe that was the sign that I was leaving all of the bad luck behind in my 30’s. Let’s hope! So here’s to better days! They say 40’s are the new 20’s. We’ll see . . .

I have so many exciting things coming up so hopefully it will be good! Training the horse, work, etc. there are some exciting things coming down the pipeline, so I am officially saying that my 40’s are going to be the harbinger of good luck!

So there!



One thought on “It’s official

  1. Happy belated 40th, Keli!! I agree – I think your 40th year will be great! You look wonderful, you have a beautiful son, a wonderful husband, a very promising career (a couple it seems!) and you have a positive attitude to go with it all! 🙂 Here’s to being 40! (I’ll turn 50 four months before you, so I’ll let you know how that goes when I get there!)

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