Allergic to life

I just spent almost 5 hours at the allergist to try and figure out why my lips keep swelling. After many needles later, we discovered I am allergic to pretty much everything, from the everyday trees, grass, etc to mice, roaches and grain smut (don’t ask). Because of my MS, allergy shots are out so we are trying to balance this all out with meds. Great. And yes, horses was a biggie and so were rabbits (darn Fuzzers). But it turns out my lungs were functioning at about 1/2 their capacity. So I am now taking all sorts of stuff to try to get my life and breathe back to where it should be. Maybe I’ll finally feel *normal*. Yeah, right.


2 thoughts on “Allergic to life

  1. SO sorry you can’t to the allergy shots. They help my husband a lot! It is no fun when you can’t breath well. I wish you the best in dealing with this. Hope you find a good answer without having to do too many drugs. They have their own issues.

  2. Man oh man- your life has sucked big time lately with health related issues. I certainly hope all can get fixed soon for you. Wish I could do something for you and take all your crappy pain and swelling and annoying everything away for good.
    Stay strong and know I am thinking of you a lot! xo

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