Sigh . . .

Yes, I know. I am a blogging loser. I just can’t figure out where the time went . . . summer is over and even as I type I am listening to the wind rattle my windows. Fall is definitely trying to push its way through. I have thought about writing–have had more crazy things happen that definitely were worth a few minutes in the blog. But I just couldnt’ get myself to sit down and type. I hand-wrote a few notes about topics but I guess I lost my mojo.

On the up-side, I feel it is time to write again. The mojo must have made its way back. It seems I just lost it about a lot of things. I haven’t painted much at all in the last few months. I haven’t done much knitting. I have not done much of anything but it feels like I am running around all the time. I guess that’s life.

Since Matthew is back in school, I thought I would have more time. It feels like I have less time than ever. Still training the new horse, Pete, which is fun. Now I am giving riding lessons which I really enjoy. So I guess when I look at all I have been busy, but just doing the necessary things. Not so much of the fun stuff. . .

I have done a few things with friends which makes me realize I need to push myself to get out and do things. I have a great group of buds and I need to appreciate that fact.

So this is my foray back into the blog world. Let’s see if I can make it last!


One thought on “Sigh . . .

  1. glad you’re back kbird. it’s tough to be allergic to all the fun stuff.twitter? didn’t see that coming.enjoy the wonderful reds and yellows and the wild whistle of the cool winds on the window panes. and the nouveau cello.

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