February already?

The year is passing us by. We have spent most of it covered in snow – 30″ above normal at my last peek. I am sick to death of this!

My drive last week

My drive last week

Matthew coming home from school

Matthew coming home from school

I was @ my Dr. last week getting my Tysabri infusion, listening to the others around me talking. It is interesting; some are so positive, so grateful. Others are gloom and doom. Having been heading down a very scary road, worried I might not be walking and then finding a therapy that worked for me, I am grateful. I try to be positive. I listened to a woman complain about having to sit there for 2 hours for her infusion. I felt like saying, “Two hours a month is nothing compared to a life confined to a wheelchair, or a bed or your home.” She had just been diagnosed a few months before, so in her defense, she hadn’t been thru alot of the scariness that us “old-timers” have been thru. I didn’t say anything but it made me think about how fortunate I am.

This holiday season, having had surgery in November, I took it easy. No stress: if the cards/gifts/wrapping/baking etc., didn’t get done, it didn’t get done. And I really didn’t care. And this year is the first year in many that my MS didn’t flare up. Not that I want to have surgery every year, but I learned a valuable lesson. I enjoyed the holidays this year, the wonder and the magic that my 6 yr. old showed me. Sometimes we need to put ME first. And if others don’t get it, so be it. But this year, the holidays are going to be more about the season, less about the stresses involved.

I just had my 2 year anniversary of Tysabri and I am doing great! I don’t want to jinx it, but my MS has been staying in hiding for over a year! That is one game of hide and seek I’ll skip!


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