We could all take a page from this book

2 posts in two days! Woo hoo! I just had to share what my son said last night.

Matthew told me last night they had to write new years resolutions and his was ” My resolution is to not ask for more than I need”. From a 6 year old? He said he realized he was lucky with all of the nice things he has and there are so many who don’t have much.

And then he was talking about a boy in his class who was adopted from Africa. I guess the teacher was telling the kids about Africa and they were curious (it is first grade). Matthew was very concerned about all of the orphans in Africa and how they are raised by nuns. First he thought they had to live in cages, like dogs @ the pound, but after we discussed that he felt better. We discussed what nuns were cuz he didn’t know about that either. It struck me how we don’t see nuns like we used to, full habit, etc. So I explained that they were woman who gave up their lives for God and he said “So they love God and they help others?” Where is he getting this stuff??? So we were talking about all of the kids in orphanages and there aren’t a lot of nuns to care for them. But then he said “But if all of those kids are raised by nuns, who cuddles with them at night?” Broke my heart.

Out of the mouths of babes.


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