Complain, complain, blah, blah, blah

I have to share my latest. I am the queen of bad luck. If something is going to happen, it will usually happen to me. 20 people could be eating dinner and I’ll be the one with hair in my food. I can try on 10 pairs of pants in a store, finally select one pair, get them home and find a hole in them. You get the idea.

I ordered a custom cover for my tack trunk. For those of you not knowing what a tack trunk is, it is a large wooden box full of horsie stuff. I use it @ the barn and we take them to shows. So I ordered this spiffy cover with my initials in the barn colors. I was so excited.

It came, I couldn’t wait to get it on my trunk. I put it on and . . . it was huge. Like 9″ too big. So I called the company I ordered it from (I won’t tell you who) and they said send it back and the company that makes them will fix it. So I did, (after waiting 2months for it to get to me).

I got a phone call yesterday from my rep saying to call her. I did, and she was on the phone so I spoke with another woman. The call went like this:

Me: “This is Keli, returning Maria’s call.”

Sue: “She is on the phone, maybe I can help you.”

Me: “Sure. I wanted to check on my cover.”

Sue: “Uh huh. Ok, well they can’t fix it so they are sending it back but you can buy a new one and we’ll give you $20 off.”


Me: “Excuse me? Buy a new one? I just spent $140 on this one? $20 off. That is an insult. I am really pissed! I can’t believe this and it took you another 2 months to tell me?”

I don’t usually get cranky, but I was cranky!!!

Sue: “uh, let me see if Maria is available.”

On hold crap.

Sue: “She isn’t. I’m very sorry but there is nothing I can do.”

I calmed down a little and told her to send it back to me, in a very pissy tone.

So later I got thinking about it and I called again and insisted I speak with Maria, my original rep.

Maria: “Hi Keli.”

Me: “Hi Maria. I heard about my cover and I am pissed and insulted. There was miscommunication somewhere along the line and not from me. I have my original measurements here and that trunk is 33″ long. It arrived at 39″ long. Can you explain to me why I have to eat this?” (My voice was very shrill)

Maria: “Let me look up your file. Hmmm. I do have there that the trunk is 33″ long. Looks like they screwed up..let me check with my purchasing manager and call you back.”

Long story short, they admitted they screwed up and are making me a new one. So I guess I pays to be persistent! But it really makes me mad that someone else’s error almost became my problem! So my inner bitch rose to the surface and won one for the little guy (or girl)


2 thoughts on “Complain, complain, blah, blah, blah

  1. you truly are an inspiration. by the way , those socks you sent me last xmas…
    both lefties ! feels good to get that off my chest.

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