one month out

This Wednesday it will be one month ago that I had surgery. It has been a pretty good recovery. I am getting around pretty well, but seeing how tired I get. It is finally hitting me that surgery wipes you out! I am still taking it easy, not doing too much. I am still watching what I eat, and still feeling some after affects of the surgery due to my intestine. I haven’t been riding or doing anything, so I am getting very stir crazy! I have a lovely scar on my brow and a big bump still (see last post).

The holidays are quickly approaching as so far, so good, my MS has stayed as bay. It is amazing, with all that I have been thru it has stayed really quiet. (hopefully I am not jinxing it!)

I had my Tysabri treatment last week and ended up talking with a woman and her sister. She was in a wheelchair and was talking about being on Copaxone and cell cept. I told her I used to be on those and they just weren’t working for me, so I switched to Tysabri and what a miracle it has been. As they were leaving, her sister came over and thanked me. I hope she can find something that works for her. I have found by talking to people that many feel like they have no other options than the medication they are on. That is great thing about my Dr., he is pro-active. If something isn’t working, he doesn’t stop til he finds something that does.

Now Christmas is on its way. My son has, including weekends, 16 days off for the holidays. 16!!! I am already panicking!!! He had a few days off for Thanksgiving and he was bored for that.

I have been working on some new ideas for painting so that has been fun. I have also been knitting up a storm   (working on a shawl). So I find things to do but when you know you can’t go out and do too much, it sucks!


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