Slice and Dice

Here I am, one week post-surgery. I am recovering, slowly. For someone like me, who is used to go, go, go, sitting still is hard! And every commercial I see if for a big juicy hamburger which I am craving. I can’t eat anything other than soft foods for about another week, and no greasy/fatty stuff for 2 months. That sucks.

All went well. My excellent doctor, Dr. Vincent Chang in Rochester, did a bang-up job. I was able to have the less invasive surgery, so he was able to remove my sigmoid (colorectal re-sectioning) laparoscopically. (If you are interested, you can watch the procedure, not mine, on youtube. It grossed me out.) While he was in there, he was also able to take out my gallbladder. He was able to go to town, poking around in my guts. So I have 4 small incisions (which were each held together with a staple) and one larger one about 3″ long, held together with 6 staples. I still have the 6 staples there, holding my lower belly together, getting them out on Monday. I do have a small stitch near my belly button – not so thrilled with that as I have the bellybutton phobia. It gives me the heebie-jeebies to think of someone touching my bellybutton. I had a drain and I have to say the removal of that was the grossest feeling (almost as bad as the bellybutton heebies). When they took it out it felt like a large piece of spaghetti being yanked out of my guts. I can remember how it felt and yup, more heebie jeebies. My anesthesiologist, Dr. Ernesto Marin, another excellent doctor, did a great job – no nausea, no sore throat, nothing. When I woke up, I felt great. They were both great to work with and if it weren’t for cutting my innards up, I would have enjoyed the experience.

The worst part of the whole thing was the prep. For 2 days before I couldn’t eat or drink anything other than clear liquids. Of course, every commercial was for food, every channel was a cookie show or a food show. I think my stomach started to eat itself. I have lost about 10 pounds during all of this, so for someone of my size (about 106 pounds) no food was tough. So the day before the surgery, I had to take antibiotics about every hour. Of course, they “strongly” recommend you take them with food. Well, I would love to IF I COULD EAT. At about 4 pm, it started to get ugly. 4 laxatives (an hour in the bathroom), more antibiotics and then drinking that crap they make you drink when you have a colonoscopy. Why does someone my size have to drink the same amount as someone twice my size? I choked down what I could and spent the next 3 hours in the bathroom.  I think I finished two books and I have a new appreciation of my bathroom wall which I stared at for who knows how long. I thought about bringing a TV in there.

So now I was dehydrated, starving and my body was totally empty. I think I even lost some of my internal organs. At 10pm I took my last 2 antibiotics. At 11:30 I was up, now throwing up. Of course there was nothing in my body to throw up, so I heaved so hard, determined to get something out of my empty stomach. I think a wad of gum I swallowed 3 years ago came out. Long and graphic story made very short, I ended up passing out and cracking my head on the tile floor. My husband found me (after hearing the house shake when I fell) laying on the floor, blood all over the floor. I cut my brow pretty good. I refused to go to urgent care the night before I was going into surgery, so we waited til the next day. I guess we missed the window of opportunity, as they want to do stitches within 8 hours of an injury. My band-aid had bled thru many times over and it was a nasty gash.

I told Dr. Chang about it and he said he would take care of it. So when I woke up from surgery my stomach was covered in staples and I had a wad of Super Glue holding my brow together. So between the weight I have lost and this nasty gash on my head, I look like a meth-head.

But the surgery went well and my Dr. is very happy with it all. My MS (so far) has not raised its ugly head, so I am taking my time, resting, reading, watching bad TV. 

But the best – when this is all healed I can eat WHATEVER I want. Yeah! Popcorn, here I come!


4 thoughts on “Slice and Dice

  1. You’ve been busy the last 15 years! Glad to see you are doing well for yourself. Hope the recovery goes as planned and has the intended result. In the small world category, my sister had an optic neuritis flare 4 years ago. Doing a double blind trial and, thus far, no further symptoms. Hope she’s part of the few who don’t develop MS. Take care.

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