Hunger pains

The day after tomorrow I will be having surgery. Gallbladder and a resectioning of my intestine. Hopefully it will be simple and easy – but if the doc gets in there and it is messy, then it won’t be so easy. And I won’t know til I wake up. So starting today, I can’t eat. I am starving. Who knows when I’ll eat again? When I can I want cheeseburgers, a BLT and anything else that isn’t moving.

While I am laid up recovering, I’ll be able to post some more musings. I’ll tell you all in graphic detail about my ordeal! Kidding, because who really wants to know?

But now I hope I’ll finally feel good. I didn’t realize for how long I have just felt awful. I thought that was normal! In a few weeks, I should be better than new!



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