Happenings in Grouchyland

Yes, that is my world. I feel like Oscar, living in my garbage can. Well, my house isn’t that bad. It is just everything has me in a pissy mood. I have been having some ‘tummy’ troubles for the past 2 months. I thought it was just a whopping case of diverticulitis. Well, it was. 2 antibiotics later, it is feeling better, but not great. So after a cat scan, they inform me not only do I have the divertic, I have gallstones. That explains a lot – why I can’t seem to eat anything anymore, why my stomach hurts all the time. Finally! Some explanation! But it looks like I’ll be having surgery. I meet with my Dr. this morning to see the final verdict, but I had another test last week (a fluoroscopy). I won’t go into details about that test, but believe me, it has to do with colon cleansing and an enema. ‘Nuff said.

I don’t want surgery, but I do want to feel better. It is tiresome having to watch everything I eat. I haven’t been able to ride my poor horse in weeks and that depresses me even more! I have missed 2 horse shows during all of this.

So that is my tale of misery. My MS (not to jinx it) has been good thru all of this. Matthew is back in school, which helps as I can rest. I am taking a knitting class and I am working on a kick-ass sweater. I have definitely caught the knitting bug again.

And 2 of my painting friends and I have formed the Western NY Women’s Art Group (www.wnywag.com). We did an art show this past weekend which was fun. We are doing an event next year which is titled “9 in `09”. We each took 3 photos, distributed them to the others and we are all doing a painting based on the photos, so it is a total of 9 paintings from each of us. It will be interesting to see how each of us interprets the photos. I’ll keep you all posted on that one!

I did finish a new painting, “Which Came First?”.

So that is my life in a nutshell. This is not the most exciting post, but it is way for me to vent my frustrations! I just want to eat a big juicy burger again!


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