Hot Hot Hot

You would think I lived in Florida. I don’t. I live in western NY. But it is hot. And for those of us w/MS, these hot days feel like living in the depths of hell. I say that only half in jest. I went on Thursday and today to the Stuart Horse Trials. It is a big 3-day event that is held fairly close to where I live. There are Olympic riders there so it is an exciting thing to watch these horses and riders go tearing across the countryside and jumping these HUGE jumps. The bad part was it was HOT. And HUMID. As much as I love to watch this, I could only take so much due to the heat. As I watched these riders it struck me: I could never do that. Not that I want to, but it was the first time in many years that I had to admit that I could never be doing something because I couldn’t cope in this heat. And then to to it off I was talking to my saddle fitter and she noticed wear on the right side of my saddle. A lot of wear. it hit me again – that is my weaker side and it is obviously affecting me since I have a worn spot on the saddle. It doesn’t all bother me as much as it may have a few years ago, but being reminded of limitations or disadvantages is never easy. I am not one to admit to a weakness easily. But a small part of me was jealous of all of those riders who seemed to not notice the heat. 

Enough of my whining. It is a great event and fun for everyone, not just horsie people. Kids love to watch the horses galloping by, especially thru the water jumps. You can check it out at


2 thoughts on “Hot Hot Hot

  1. My family lives up in Ithaca … I went to college in Rochester … I concur; Summer in Upstate NY can be like a trip through hell at times. It’s a similar wreck down here in Philly. Hope the weather breaks soon; for both our sakes!

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