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I offer my sincerest apologies to my readers! I know, the blog hit a hiatus. I don’t really have a good reason except being insanely busy.

First off, we bought a new car. To make an extremely loooong story short, we got pulled over about 300 ft. from the dealer when we went to look. Then the next day when we were driving there to trade in our car, it broke down and pieces were flying off of it. We had to get towed into the dealer on a flatbed. Then on our way home in the new car, we got pulled over again. That was how our April fared.

May was fairly quiet. School is winding down and I don’t know if it is just Kindergarten, but once May hits, the school starts preparing for summer! Last time I checked, there were still a few weeks til then, but according to them, it is time to relax!

Still doing boot camp. It still hurts and I still have sore abs from Monday. But I bought my first 2-piece bathing suit in about 20 years. ( the tags are still on it, so I can still return it)

Still riding. Willy is recovering nicely from Spasmotic colic that he had a few weeks ago. It was awful.

My barn hosted a horse show and the proceeds from our silent auction are going to the MS Society. So thanks to all of you who donated! It was a great success!

Next weekend, two friends and I are going to be in a festival “Artists in the Park”. We formed an art group: WNYWAG Western NY Women’s Art Group. It will hopefully be nice weather and a good day. i have been painting like mad and am rediscovering my love of calligraphy.

I haven’t been knitting too much for it seems we have something going on every night. I guess that is what nice weather is all about!

The next DVD from One Smart Cookie Productions is nearing completion. I’ll have it @ the replication house tomorrow for the final time (hopefully!) You can read about it on our website:

Other than that, that is my life in a nutshell.

Onto MS stuff, i was wondering if anyone out there on Tysabri is experiencing headaches. I have been getting them right after my treatment for about 2 days. But on the flip side, I have gone 6 months w/no attack! that is awesome for me!!!

I promise I’ll be writing more.I have so many things in the works so I need an outlet for my creative thoughts threatening to explode my head!



4 thoughts on “Back to the blog

  1. Hi Keli, there are many Tysabri patients that I have heard from that do experience headaches after their Tysabri infusion… this could be due to several reasons such as, not pretreating before the infusion with an antihistamine, such as a 30 minute Benadryl drip, or taking a Claritin-D tablet a couple of hours before the infusion, or even taking a couple of Tylenol before the infusion starts. It is my understanding (and I’m not a doctor) that the headache could be a side effect of the medication (as listed on the Patient Medication Guide/Tysabri Label).

    I hope this information helps somewhat. I just had my 22nd Tysabri infusion, and because I pretreat with Claritin-D tablet, I never have had any side effects from the medication, woo hoo!

    Good luck to you with your future Tysabri infusions… I’m sending you all my best wishes.

    Lauren 🙂

  2. Keli,

    I have not experienced headaches, but know that is definitely a side effect on the package label. I’m not sure how common it is, but I hope it’s somewhat manageable for you. I’ve not experienced it.
    That being said, glad to hear the drug seems to be working for you, despite the headaches. Best of luck.

  3. most of the upscale classier blogs do feature at least swimsuit edition per annum.can’t wait for the pics! and you better be ripped and toned or i’m calling lars your personal trainer and telling him to “take it up a notch you netherlander!”

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