February blues (or grays, in this neck of the woods)

Here we are, half way thru February. BFD. The weather sucks, I haven’t seen the sun in about 8 weeks, and my son has been sick for the last three days with an ear infection and fever. Aren’t I just chipper and perky today? We had an awful windstorm a few weeks back (one of 3 so far this year) and my husband and I were out in the afternoon. We come home to see our mailbox door open and the wind sucking everything out of it and scattering our mail to the four corners. He throws the car in park, flings open his door and goes chasing our mail down the street. I slowly get out and shut my door. Notice, I didn’t say he shut his door? This is because HE DIDN’T. The wind grabbed the door, torqued it waaaaay back and bent the crap out of it. Now, Thank God, I didn’t do it, or I’d never hear the end of it. But long story short, now that is squeals like a pig every time you open it, he took it in. $450 worth of work. Nice.

I am off to the Dr. today for my next infusion of Tysabri. I think this is #16. All in all I am doing pretty good except for one minor problem. I feel like crap in the week or so before the next treatment. So this medication may keep my MS attacks at bay, but I just feel like I am having an attack for a few weeks (even when I am not). So while it is preventing my MS from getting worse, I walk around (slowly) feeling as if I am having a major attack. But it is almost as if the drug is saying, “Psyche! Just pullin’ your leg! You aren’t having an attack. Just messin’ with you for a while.” Yeah? Well F#@! You!


PS: I’m going to go and get some coffee and maybe I’ll be in a better mood.


3 thoughts on “February blues (or grays, in this neck of the woods)

  1. The dosing is 3x the half-life (10 +- 3) of the drug, which is 21 to 39 days or something like that. Maybe your body clears Tysabri faster and you need it every 3 weeks. Ask your neuro and read the web postings of others. Of course, getting insurance to pay is another hurdle.

  2. K – I hope you feel better soon.. and that Matthew is doing better today!! Ok, funny about Lou’s door except for the fact that if he’s anything like Sal he was biaching up a storm!!! Of course if one of us had done that…..

    Stay warm, I’m ok with the cold…been watching too much Al Gore and global warming…I now want to celebrate when it is cold..yes, I’m dork…go polar bears.

  3. Clint, I agree. Maybe I am just pushing it thru quicker. But it is disheartening! I will talk to my neuro. He is aware of the problem and we are keeping an eye on it. Thanks for the post!

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