The tooth fairy’s missed opportunity.

I forgot a few other happenings in January that kept us hopping. First, Matthew lost his first tooth (technically it was December, but for all intents and purposes, close enough). He lost his first tooth and promptly swallowed it. I was devastated. I even have a little box that reads “First Tooth” ready for that first pearly ivory that came out. But it was coming out of a different hole. I told my husband that he had to get that tooth. I don’t care what it took, I wanted the tooth. So for a week we wouldn’t let our son poop in the black toilet that is in our powder room (low visibility with the black). So the poor kid had to high tail it to the upstairs bathroom. But no luck, the tooth was gone.

So last week, the 2nd tooth is loose and I had my eye on it. That sucker was going in the box. I was even tempted to yank it out, but I didn’t want to traumatize the kid. So I checked it religiously and it was still hanging pretty tight.

One afternoon after school he has his snack and we are playing a game and he looks at me and says,”Mom, you know that loose tooth? I think I swallowed it.” WHAT??? So again, another tooth down the drain, literally.

We leave notes for the tooth fairy though, so she understands why there is no tooth under the pillow. Maybe I can get her to find those teeth for me . . .


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