The Silence of the blog

Yes, the blog was silent during January. Thanks to all of you who asked “Where are you?” “Are you still writing?” “Are you still doing the blog?” . I was here, but overloaded with life. So as the first blog of the new year, I will give you a synopsis of how 2008 started for me.

First off, I was recovering from the annual holiday MS flare up. It was a mild one, and I recovered pretty quickly, so I can’t complain.

I have been riding quite a bit, when the weather is above 20°. It has been so stinkin’ cold, sometimes I have a hard time getting out the door.

Matthew was back in school after the holiday, and here is where it gets interesting. He wakes up one Friday morning, puking. Now this may sound weird, but my son at 5 1/2 years old has never puked. So he is up puking @ 5:30AM. Needless to say, he stays home that day. My normally active and constantly moving boy is on the couch all day. Starts another round of upchucking at about 6 that evening. Poor sweetie. Next day he wakes up and is fine.

Two days later, my husband comes home from a meeting and he is wracked with chills. Now another weirdness, in the 14+ years I have known him, he has had nothing more than a cold. So I order him to go lay down and he is shivering and whimpering, as most men do when they are sick. So now I have him to take care of. The next day, he is still down for the count, chills, fever and a stomach ache. As the day wears on  I start to get a stomach ache too. So I lay down and then the chills hit me. By now, our son is feeling fine and can’t understand why mommy and daddy can’t get their asses of the couches. Poor kid had a choice of cereal or toast for dinner, since Lou and I were in no shape to get up and do much more than that.

By the next day, I feel as if someone has shoved an ice pick into my gut. Lou is feeling a little better, but not great. But he feels well enough to not miss his golf match in the simulators that evening. He is worried about the stomach troubles he has been having so he takes some Pepto Bismol. He feels better and plays golf (of course he can play golf!)

So the next morning, I get up and Lou comes running up to me. “Keli! Keli look at this! Holy crap!” He sticks out his tongue and it is BLACK. Black as if he just ate a bag of black jelly beans. Now mind you, this is at 7AM.  I pull out my laptop telling him, “You know, I have heard of this. I think it is called Black Tongue.” He is a bit of an alarmist (see previous paragraph regarding men and sickness). “What? Black Tongue? What the hell is that? Is it permanent? Why is my f’in tongue black???” I am looking at the Mayo Clinic website and reading what they say about black tongue. “Oh, sweetie. I need to clarify that. It isn’t Black Tongue. It’s Black HAIRY Tongue.”

“WHAT??? I have hair on my tongue?” He is touching his tongue with his fingers and I am trying hard not to laugh. He looks at my laptop and sees the info for Black Hairy Tongue. We read the causes and it is caused my bacteria in the system which combined with a medication such as Pepto it can cause the bacteria to manifest itself on the tongue in this black stuff that makes the tongue look hairy. It only lasts for about a day (I was hoping it would stick around for a week or two. I got a lot of mileage out of that one. )

Then a few days later, I get a call from the pharmacy that sends my medication for my MS. It is a 1 time a month IV and it gets sent from a pharmacy in TN. They usually just call my Dr. but they called me and the woman, very nicely tells me, “Hi Keli. I was set to send up your meds and I see you terminated your insurance.” WHAT??? “No, there is a mistake. There was no termination. I don’t know what you are talking about,” I tell her.

“I’ll look into it and call you back,” she says, very nicely. I figure, it is the new year, something is screwy. She calls back a few minutes later. “I looked into it and called your insurance company and your husband’s employer canceled the policy.” I sat there in stunned silence. The kicker? My husband is the employer! So I told her no way.

Anyway, long story short, the insurance company discontinued that policy and because there wasn’t an equivalent one to put us into, they canceled us. And the other kicker? My brother in law’s wife had a c-section on Jan. 2 and they had canceled our insurance on January 1! She told me I could pay for my medication and get reimbursed. Uh, let me think about that. How about, NO? My meds are about $2500 a month.

Anyway, we got that straightened out finally, after almost 2 1/2 weeks.

Then to round out the month, Lou gets a call on a Sunday afternoon from his brother. Someone broke into the model they are building and fell and broke his leg. So Lou goes tearing over there and the sheriff is there, the fire department, and the ambulance is just leaving. Turns out a man got into the back door of a walk-out model, decides to climb an extension ladder that is propped up to the first floor, his leg slips thru the ladder and he falls, breaking his leg. The front door was locked, so he decided to try the back! And I am not naming names, but he is a public figure.

So January has been chock full ‘o fun. I promise to get back on the blogging track, to give my opinions and my advice, even if no one wants it!



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