Holiday recovery

Ok. Christmas is over. It was a nice holiday this year and to be honest, the first year I have enjoyed it in quite a few. Matthew is at such a fun age. Of course, he almost caught me putting out some gifts. I thought he had been sleeping, and little did I know he was at the top of the stairs watching me lay out 2 gifts. Luckily I told him they were gifts I had for daddy. Whew! But 6AM and he was ready for santa! He was so excited! Santa had to leave an IOU for a gift that Matthew mentioned 2 days before Xmas as the gift that he reeeeaaallly wanted. So Santa is having it delivered, and left a note explaining that the elves (those slackers) couldn’t get the gift done in time and it was being shipped a few days after Christmas. Matthew was quite impressed with Santa’s attention to detail.

My brother in law was telling me about his son’s Christmas (or I guess I should say ‘holiday) concert. He is in kindergarten. They did a handful of songs all appropriate for the season. They did the Driedel song for Hanukkah, and they did a song or two about Kwanzaa and then they sang some songs about winter and snow. Did I miss something? Where are the Christmas songs? They did not sing one Christmas song.Our society is so concerned with not offending anyone or any group, that we have seemed to be missing the true meaning of Christmas. Not only that, but what about the children who celebrate Christmas? Don’t you think a group of 5 year olds are wondering why they aren’t singing about Christ in a manger or even about Santa? My concern isn’t about offending others – my concern is about taking away all of the magic for our children.

My MS is doing much better. Even tho I had 2 attacks back to back, I am recovering much quicker, so I’ll take what I get. A new year is heading this wa


One thought on “Holiday recovery

  1. I hear you on the xmas songs- I have to say I am offended and I am Jewish. Where are all the xmas songs??? It is that time of year- we should sing them, I love listenting to them on the radio and on my CD’s so the kids should sing them. I do have to commend our music teacher at our school, she incorporated it all, we even had a sing a long at the end and everyone got into it. We need to keep passing on all the wonderful traditions no matter what you celebrate.

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