Happiest time of the year

Well, Jolly Old St. Nick is soon going to be here, and everyone is rushing to get ready. I still have about 100 hours of wrapping ahead of me, and I am hoping to accomplish some before 3pm today and the boy is home for the start of his vacation. I have been running around like crazy, delivering client gifts to all of the people we have built homes for, dropping off dry cleaning that has been in the back of my car for at least 3 months, shopping so we  have something to eat this weekend. All of this stuff really cuts into the things I WANT to be doing: painting, reading, knitting, writing. How am I supposed to have fun when I have to be responsible?

My attack is still hangin’ on. The annual holiday flare up . . . in the grand scheme of things, it isnt’ as bad as it could be. I have had much worse, I have to admit. But an attack is an attack and this so close on the heels of my last one have we wondering about what the future will hold. I guess time will tell but that is as good a reason as any for my New Years resolution to live life and enjoy what you’ve got.

And Matthew is the main reason for enjoying life:I have to tell another funny from the funny boy himself, Matthew. We were watching TV and a commercial came on with a nice song. He looked up and said, “Oh, that is for CVS. I thought it was another commercial for Betty Crotcher.” I almost peed.


So in case I don’t get a chance to write before the holidays:  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka,  Happy Kwanzaa and all of the other celebrations. A wonderful New Year to all of you and maybe Betty Crotcher will leave you a treat under the tree.


3 thoughts on “Happiest time of the year

  1. happy holidays kbird to you and your brood. i owe your mom some postage!
    and don’t spoil the boy TOO MUCH. i know you learned from the master you brat!

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