Snow day

Well, here in Western NY we have our first snow day. And it is nasty. Wind, cold, snow. I am so not ready for winter! Here is a pic out our front door. It is gloomy, windy and icky. You don’t really get the full effect of the grossness of it all.

snow day in Victor

And now the holiday stuff is starting: parties, get togethers, dinners, etc., etc. Not to mention the shopping, wrapping, decorating, etc., etc. I always have mixed feelings about the holidays. I enjoy the spirit of the season, and now I love seeing how excited Matthew gets, but I dread the craziness. Expected to be everywhere at every minute. The rushing, the running. That is what I dread.

And the holidays are the prime season for MS to flair. All of the stress and aforementioned craziness, it is the perfect time for our bodies to stop cooperating. I am usually prepared to not feel so hot this time of year–maybe another reason I dread it. But I am trying to do everything right: I have most of my shopping done (online), I don’t host any functions, so no stress in the planning, and we have started decorating. I am going back to the gym, and am trying to enjoy some “me” time.

So  hopefully this holiday season will be less stressful, more relaxed and I can take the time to enjoy the true spirit of Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Snow day

  1. I am so with you on enjoying the season for what it should be- just relaxing with family and friends and not running around to all the craziness. I also am happy I am not with all the snow today. No thanks- I’ll take VA weather anyday.

  2. Ah yes. I know what you mean, the True Spirit of Christmas… ham!

    Keep those happy thoughts going and the stress and MS symptoms down.

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