Let the gluttony begin!

Halloween is barely over and the shelves are stocked with candy canes. Christmas trees were in stores in September. Why can’t we enjoy the holiday season that we’re in? I know the stores are ramping up early because they are expecting a slow season. I am not ready for all of this!

Last week was my birthday so Lou and I went into Matthew’s school and had lunch with him and his classmates. Lunch with 20 5 year olds is quite an experience. It was Thanksgiving feast. They had turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, corn bread, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pudding. And the turkey wasn’t the ‘mystery meat’ I remember as a kid. This was honest-to-goodness turkey with all of the trimmings. So after stuffing myself there, we proceeded to go out to dinner that night for said birthday. After shoving down my dinner and then dessert, I rolled myself to the car.

Since then, we have been out to dinner another time with some friends.  Once again, I crammed my dinner down my gullet, complained how full I was and proceeded to order dessert. Today I am a volunteer in my son’s school for their Thanksgiving celebration. Thursday the eating starts at about 1pm, and then you are expected to eat again that night. I already feel as if my jeans are a little tighter. I did start working with a trainer last week, so I am hoping I can shove all of that food into my mouth and not feel guilty!

So enjoy your holiday season! The gym will be waiting for all of us when we are done!


2 thoughts on “Let the gluttony begin!

  1. Hi Keli, While at the gym the other day I read an article about Richard Simmons who was going to be in town. He made a great comment. There aren’t any new holiday foods – you don’t have to eat EVERYTHING!!

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