Halloween disenchantment

Thank God Halloween is over! Now don’t get me wrong, I love the holiday. I love the decorations, and creepiness, the scare factor. As much of a chicken as I am, I have this morbid curiosity and thrill will being scared. Don’t we all? Don’t we all slow down and look at the accident on the road? Don’t we all hope to see something? Just like the decoration I saw of a bloody torso pulling itself along by its ravaged hands. Gruesome, yes. Did I look? Yes. Did I keep looking? Still yes. But the spirit of the holiday is changing. Yes, we all love candy, but it seems to be an obsession nowadays.

I was home answering the door as my husband took our son out to get more teeth rotters. The doorbell finally rings around 7 – my first trick or treaters! I can’t wait to see all of the little kids in their costumes. I open the door in anticipation, candy at the ready to . . . a bunch of high school kids with no costumes. One out of the gang of about 20 says “Uh, trick or treat.” And they all hold out their pillow cases. I give them each one small candy bar. As the delinquents are walking away they are all looking into their cases and I hear one say “Oh man. I hate Almond Joy. Who wants it?” Up yours, you little brat. You are lucky you got anything.

That was pretty much the way it was all night. The cute little kids were few and far between as the onslaught of high schoolers descended on our houses like a plague of locusts. I asked one smart ass what his costume was (shorts and a t-shirt) and his snappy comment, “Uh, it’s just me.” I felt like saying “so you dressed up as a loser?” The little kids that did come got goody bags filled with fun stuff like candy, pencils, stickers, coupons for free ice cream and free french fries. I made 15 goody bags and still had 10 left over.

Maybe you can tell how bitter I am from this used-to-be fun holiday. Why aren’t these kids home answering the door for their poor parents? Don’t they have enough fillings in their mouths? I now think this holiday was invented by a dentist.

On a different note, at Matthew’s school we had to make costumes out of paper bags, and he was a dragon. Of course he didn’t help much, so for 3 days I spent my time painting and cutting, gluing and sticking. Then they had a parade, which was cute. As much as a pain this was, it was nice to see all of the kids in costumes they made, kind of an equalizer. Money didn’t matter, just time and imagination.


4 thoughts on “Halloween disenchantment

  1. 1st trick or treater at 7? here in h2otown the brats hit the bells at 5:30.lights out 8 pm. you and your posh gated community screening methods. 2 hours clearance like JFK. lest any imp sneak past security with an egg or toilet paper. trick or taser???? i think not!!!

  2. I want to know what parents lets their teenage kids out of the house in street clothes, carrying a pillowcase on Halloween. Even if they were allegedly going to a party, they should be in costume.

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