Face of MS

Now onto some more serious stuff!

This is an exciting website put out by the MS Society. http://www.faceofms.org/

How do you tell the story of multiple sclerosis? How do you put a face on a disease that affects each person living with it so differently?

With your story and your voice.

FaceofMS.org is an online community created by those of us with MS or those affected by this disease. It is where people with MS and those in the fight against MS can go to share their experiences and hear the stories of others. It is where people who know little about MS can go to gain understanding from those closest to the disease.

It is through collaboration that the National MS Society seeks to raise MS awareness.

We want everyone impacted by this disease to help build the Face of MS – a face that is as unique and diverse as the millions of people whose lives have been changed forever by multiple sclerosis.

The project is dynamic. As new stories are added, the Face of MS will evolve to represent a growing number of people united in a common goal: To wipe the devastating effects of MS from the face of the earth.

Organized and produced by the National MS Society

PS: My face and my story are on there. It is an amazing site with some amazing people on it.


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