More out of the mouth

Yesterday I wrote about something that Matthew said to me regarding my wrinkles (see previous post). Well, it gets better.

Keep in mind that we are in western NY. The Buffalo Bills football team is something of a legend in these parts. This morning, my husband Lou, Matthew and I are all sitting around the table eating breakfast. Lou and I are reading the paper, and Matthew is eating his cereal. Lou has the sports section and Matthew can see the front page. He says, “The Buffalo Bills should change their name to the Buffalo Peckers.” Lou and I immediately look up, look at Matthew and start to laugh. Matthew is looking at us with confusion. I said, “What???” “Yeah, mom. They should change their name to the Buffalo Peckers. That would be a good name for them.” So Lou says, “Why would that be a good name?” as we are both petrified that he will say something off color, of course both of us thinking ‘did he hear that from me?’. He looks at us both as if we are dummies and says, “Well, they have Bills like a woodpecker. Why not call them Peckers?”

So after the talk about they are called the Bills based on Buffalo Bill of the wild west he says, “Maybe I’ll just call my Uncle Bill Uncle Pecker from now on!” Hence another talk about why that wouldn’t be a good idea.

I am already exhausted at it is only 8:45AM.



6 thoughts on “More out of the mouth

  1. Thanks for the best laugh I have had in a long time. That is one for the book! He is a riot! Definatly one to share at the dinner table tonight.

  2. Ha! That was priceless. 🙂

    Matthew is a great shock comedian, albeit accidentally. He’s like Don Rickles, except pure of heart. Amazing. Too bad he can’t really appreciate all he’s getting away with now.

    I gotta go. I have to go pay some peckers.

  3. Well, I knew that I liked Matthew for a reason. How astute, how profound, how frickin’ awesome! Yes,you are indeed old, wrinkly and 60 miles from a bunch of Peckers. Your existence can be summed up in this phrase, ” Holy crap, I really am a turd in a tuxedo.”


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