National Museum of Play (and exhaustion)

Today, being that it is Columbus Day and the kids have off, I made the mistake of telling my son he could pick what he wanted to do today. He informs me that he wants to go to the Strong National Museum of Play. Now for those of you not from Rochester, this is pretty much the most amazing place you can go, kids and adults alike. It is huge, and filled with things for exploration and play. Not to mention their Butterfly Garden where over 800 butterflies flit around you. It is amazing. This is from their website: “Recognized as one of the nation’s top museums for families and children, Strong National Museum of Play® is home to the National Toy Hall of Fame® and the world’s largest collection of toys, dolls, games and other items that celebrate play. It’s unlike anything you’ve experienced anywhere!”

I kept trying to tell him this would be our last nice day and if he wanted to go and spend it at a playground, I would take him and we would bring his bike and he could play all day. His answer? “That’s OK, Mom. I can wait until next spring to go to the playgound.” Off to the museum we go.

Of course today it is packed full of kids of all shapes and sizes. You have to be vigilant at all times because your child will run around a corner and POOF! He is gone in a maze of doorways and rooms and kids. So we got there about 11:30. Of course we have to explore the Bob the Builder display, so after he has done his plumbing the carpentry,


we have to run to the Adventure area. He is sitting in a plane, running the controls.Then it is off to lunch, but the food lines are so packed we decide to wait. Then thru the Reading Adventure. It is all based on books – classics and new ones. I was in my glory! Then to our 1:00 Butterfly tour. It is really amazing as they land on you and fly around you. Of course, we get to go in with a group of about 2 mothers and 15 kids. All screaming and yelling (parents too). The guide told us the butterflies will only come if you are quiet and move slowly. Forget that. Those kids ran around and one kid stomped on a butterfly!


But all in all, a great day. An exhausting day, an expensive day, an overwhelming day, but a great day. Matthew thanked me for bringing him, because he just loved it. It was worth it all to see him having such a wonderful time.

Now I am off to take a nap.


3 thoughts on “National Museum of Play (and exhaustion)

  1. You are a brave woman to go on a holiday. Sounds like you had a blast! We have a membership there and go often, there is so much to see and do.

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