Technology and MS

It is kind of ironic. On my real estate blog ( I have posted a few writings on technology and how it is affecting the real estate world. Now, I am doing kind of the same thing here, and writing about how technology is affecting those with MS. Not so much affecting us, but helping us. Microsoft is teaming up with Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Inc. and the National MS Society. They have joined together in a landmark collaboration to help people with MS maintain their health and stay connected.

You can see more about this initiative at :

As the lead-in on the site, they state: Discover accessibility settings that are already on your PC, and make your computer more comfortable, and easier to see, hear, and use.

Yes, this is geared toward PC users (I am a die-hard Mac user) but some of the ideas apply to anyone.

There is an Accessibility Assisted Center near us here in Rochester, and it is based in Syracuse. These centers are “A network of Microsoft Accessibility Resource Centers that are located throughout the U.S. to show you what’s possible with accessible technology solutions available on today’s computers. Whether you have reduced eyesight, wrist/arm discomfort, or hearing loss, these centers can show you accessibility options and assistive technology products that can add to your computer skill and proficiency.”

New York Assistive Technology Program—Enable

1603 Court Street
Syracuse, NY 13208
Phone: 315-410-3336
Web Site:

You can find a center near you by clicking this link:

There are many articles and writings on how technology can assist anyone with a disability, not just those of us with MS. Check out some of the case studies and learn how technology is making an impact in many lives.


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