My knitting frenzy

OK. I told you all how I was learning to knit. I am officially hooked. I have been working on a scarf, but who wants another scarf? So, silly me, I think I can do something more difficult. After all, how hard can it be? I know how to knit and purl, I can figure it out.

So I go to the yarn store and find a pattern that is termed ‘beginner’. I found a hat. So I ask for help, and buy all of the crap I need: needles (round ones), straight needles, yarn, the pattern. And I am off!

I go home to get started. How difficult can it be? Well, a half an hour later I am still trying to get my first row on the blasted needles that are in the round (meaning they are connected by a wire so the hat I am doing won’t have a seam). I get the first row on, and then realize that I left the tail end of the string about 40″ long. I pull them out. I try again, the tail this time is only 30″ long. Pull those out too. Finally get the first row on . . . ta dah! Start knitting. I can do this . . . get my first row done and realize I have been using the tail end to knit with, not the yarn from the skien. Pull those out. I finally get going. It is going pretty well, if you don’t look at the fact that I didn’t join the two sides of the piece together. Rip those out.

Starting again, I get it all on, together and a couple of days later, it is done. Who would have thunk? And I might even do another one! I am actually giving this to my brother in law and sister in law. Not a bad attempt for a newbie! We’ll see if the baby ever wears it!



3 thoughts on “My knitting frenzy

  1. Way better than I could ever do. I got as far as a blanket for Emma that she uses for her baby dolls. I need to try again. You’ll be my inspiration!!

  2. THanks Alisa! I hope it gets better! I finished my scarf too, so we’ll see what i attempt next! And lane, keep it up! You can do full-size blankets now!

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