Death by dog

I can’t figure people out. Last night I went out to dinner with some friends. We had a nice dinner, and we wrapped up fairly early (8ish). So I was on my way home, driving through Pittsford when a dog (a Welsh Corgi to be exact) ran in front of my car. Now I had plenty of time to slow down, but it is a busy street and I was worried about the little guy. So I watched him make it safely to the other side of the street. As I look back in front of me, a guy jumps in front of my car screaming, “Don’t hit the dog! Watch the dog!” So I slam on my brakes and listen as all of the toys, books, and other miscellaneous items go flying off my rear seat. My leftovers are now in a heap on the passenger side floor. I stare at the guy standing in front of my car, and he says, “It’s not my dog.” What??? Of course, now I am stuck at the red light.

He goes running after the dog, causing traffic to screech in both lanes, as the dog sits on the sidewalk watching the whole thing. The freak, I mean guy, makes it across the street and tries to coax the dog over to him. You could tell the dog was thinking, “You stupid ass. You just ran through all of that traffic. Why would I go over to you?” The dog took off down the street.

So I’m not sure of the moral of the story here. You can risk your life to save another, only to have the one you saved blow you off. Or don’t run in traffic because you will get killed. Or don’t put Italian leftovers on your passenger seat.



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