Tysabri and antibodies

Tysabri has been working well for me. For those of you who have been reading the blog, you know that I have been on it for a year, and just had my first attack. Now remember, I was having attacks about every 3 months before I was on it, and having trouble walking. For the past Tysabri-filled year, I have felt great. So having one attack, which started about 3 weeks ago, I can handle.

But because I did have one, I had to get tested for Tysabri antibodies.

When you are on Tysabri, you can build up antibodies. Basically, these antibodies attack the Tysabri in your system, making it worthless. So I had the tests, and waiting the 3 weeks. Found out on Monday (YEAH!) that I am negative. So I can keep taking it.

The kicker is, the insurance companies are not recognizing the test yet. I went to Strong Hospital so that they will hopefully be able to run it thru the channels to get insurance to pay. Why is it so hard for the insurance companies to keep up with something as simple as some blood tests? It is very frustrating. For the amount of money we pay to the insurance companies . . . I could go on, but what is the use? Everyone is as fed up as I am !

And on another note, I lost a friend today. A good friend from college passed away from cancer. I feel so bad, and I feel for his family. His wife was amazing throughout the whole ordeal and the saddest part is he has 2 very young children.

So remember that life is short, enjoy every minute!



2 thoughts on “Tysabri and antibodies

  1. How ironic that a messed-up immune system would attack the very thing trying to help it! How noble that your friend’s wife was amazing through the ordeal, some people when confronted with tragedy have the strength and character to step up and make the best of things. At least his two children are left with a great Mom.

  2. No kidding. On all counts. yes, the immune system thing is whacked, and with my luck I can’t believe my tests came back negative! Woo Hoo!

    And yes, Jim’s kids are lucky to have a great mom. She is handling all of it with class and dignity and even some humor. I couldn’t image being in her shoes.

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