Love or money?

Spent the weekend on the couch, dealing with my tummy troubles. But what a weekend! Got to watch a hawk in my back yard (the thing was bigger than a cat). It was so majestic, and beautiful, until I saw it ripping the fur off something and hold up in its beak a baby rabbit. That’s when I gagged twice and stopped watching. I know, I know, cycle of life, the food chain and all of that, but that was disgusting. Not what I want to see on a ‘normal’ stomach, much less an upset and angry one.

An observation: a good friend of mine is invited to a wedding and her husband is in it. The shower that she had to attend was a “money” shower (said so on the invitation). You were to bring money only. My friend was appalled and coincidentally, Dear Abby had someone write in asking about money showers at the same time. Of course Abby blasted it and said it was disgusting. So when my friend put her card (with the money) in the box at the shower, she also slipped in the article.

Now her husband has to ‘donate’ money to the groom, being that he is a groomsman, and he was told he had to do this. They have to buy a gift for the couple, and at the wedding there is going to be a sign up that says “honeymoon donations”.

Can you believe all of this? If you can’t afford this stuff, you don’t go on a honeymoon! I thought the Dollar Dance was bad, but this is ridiculous. My advice to my friend is that she should say she has some very contagious disease that day and she can’t go. Is this our society? What happened to a wedding being a celebration with family and friends, not a money making opportunity?


5 thoughts on “Love or money?

  1. I couple here in Norman, OK sold ads which ran on their wedding program, etc.
    All aspects of the wedding were covered by sponsors.
    The parents thought it was great, because they didn’t have to pay anything— or hardly anything.
    They said they got the idea from other people around the country who have done the same thing.
    I guess we could expect this in a country where the Orange Bowl has become the FedEx Orange bowl…
    I post all this as a huge joke.

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