Another day . . .

OK, I am sick again. Tummy troubles. I don’t know if it is related to my meds or the MS, but I do get sick alot. I’m sure it has something to do with my immune system being all screwy, but who knows? I know there is a stomach bug going around, so of course I caught it. I feel bad because today is Lou’s birthday, and I am not up to much more than laying on the couch. He did go golfing, so I guess his day isn’t too bad.

Thanks for all of the feedback on the sports bra post. It was fun to write!

Another gorgeous day here, and I am stuck inside. No riding for me today! I guess I can watch bad TV and lay around. Too bad I don’t feel like sipping champagne and eating bon bons. Isnt’ that what you do when you are lounging around?



One thought on “Another day . . .

  1. Just remember – once you are no longer a kid (Lou), that birthdays can always be celebrated a day or 2 – or a week later and still mean just as much. I expect you will feel much better in a day or so. After my birthday next month (I will be 59) I plan to start having unbirthdays!!

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