Makes you think

Well, it is a cloudy cold day. I just put Matthew on the bus, it is still sad to see him go. But he loves it (so far).

I got an email yesterday from a friend from college. We still chat sporadically, and when we do it is to fill each other in on our lives, work, kids. etc. She has had a couple of bad car accidents and had a lot of problems resulting from them. It is very frustrating for her to get relief from the pain and she has been suffering with this for years. We talk about our maladies and what we try to do to be pro-active and take care of ourselves. She posed a very interesting question:

“What would you do if you knew you had only 3 months to live? Heavy question I know and harder because the time frame allows for many types of things to be accomplished. Might be a good one for your blog readers. It gets people to really analyze where they are and what they want out of life. ‘Cause for all we know we really only have that long… or maybe just 3 days. Never know.”

When I first read it, it seemed, I don’t know, depressing. But as I read it again, it went back to what I had written in my blog a few days back “live every day as if it were your last”. Basically it is just a reminder to get going! Do the things we put off! Take some time to stop and enjoy something simple. I know, this sounds like a Hallmark card, but there is a grain of truth here.

I just read the blog of a friend from college who is in the last stages of cancer. A bunch of friends all went to visit it and his wife wrote about how precious that weekend was. That is what it is all about: those precious moments.

So go out and do something today and ENJOY it!



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