Christmas in September

The more people I have told about the hideous trees in the store, the more people I saw get livid. It was almost worth it to see some reactions! But seriously, can’t we enjoy the seasons for what they are? The leaves are just slightly changing color, the days are a little cooler, we just had a good drenching rain. I don’t need to think of snow, sleet, ice, shoveling, etc., etc. I am an anti-winter person. I am the Heat Miser. Winter should be banned! I know, I could move, but what fun would that be?

An update on my health, while I am here. My attack is doing pretty well. Since this was my first while on the Tysabri, I am impressed with the speed in which the symptoms have improved. I had a few days of feeling pretty lousy, but that is good in comparison to the months I would feel lousy! So even tho I had an attack, I think the Tysabri is doing something right. I hope!



One thought on “Christmas in September

  1. Keli, that is very encouraging news! Some great news to go with the bad (of having an attack). Can anyone else here who is on Tysabri report the same results?

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