What is up?

OK, yesterday I went to the store. Just needed to get some basics, milk, bread, etc. It was a blistering hot day, and the last thing I wanted to do was go to the store. I walked in, checked my list, looked up and saw . . . (are you ready?) Christmas trees. Hideous white trees, with blinking lights blaring Christmas music! Are you kidding??? My son just started school on Friday, we haven’t even made it out of September yet and they are starting with Christmas? I was getting disgusted by the Halloween displays I have been seeing, but this is ridiculous.

So that has to be a record: September 8 and I heard Jingle Bells. And of course it was stuck in my head all day.


4 thoughts on “What is up?

  1. Keli, I expect Christmas before Thanksgiving these days, but in early September??!! I’m as appalled as you are!
    I’m Lynne’s sister, who has MS.
    I’ve learned a lot about diet and MS, and will be getting in touch soon about that.
    I’ve lived with my husband (never had children) in Oklahoma for almost 30 years. Having the public schools and universities start back August 20 already seems wrong,
    having grown up in NY State. But Christmas in September?
    That’s all about selling things!


  2. ha. too funny. we just started brainstorming for our Christmas promo mailer at work. so we started playing some Christmas music in the design office to get our minds in the right place. and we thought we were way ahead of the game. lol

  3. Wow – haven’t seen that yet in FL but I suspect it won’t be far behind. It is hard to get in the xmas mood here since it stays pretty warm compared to up north, right up to Xmas.

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