Oh what a night . . .

Last night started out like any other night. But it quickly went downhill . . .

6:30pm: We had dinner. All was good, chicken, rice, some veggies.

7:30: I suggest we go for ice cream. Had a nice cone (dark chocolate with white mint in it).

8:30: Got ready for bed. I snuggled with Matthew and we read a few books. Now, due to the meds I am on, I have some insomnia, so I take some sleeping pills. Last night I decided to just do a 1/2 a pill, get used to sleeping on my own.

9:04: Matthew fell asleep and I was all snuggled up in my bed with a good new book (Robin Cook’s Critical). Lou fell asleep so I reached over and turned off the TV which he had on the golf channel. Of course. Pretty soon my eyelids got the better of me and I was gone.

11:36: My bladder is pounding at my consciousness. Do I lay here and try to ignore it? No. With the sleeping meds, I can’t afford to fall asleep and then wake up again. I get up, limp my way to the bathroom, smash my thigh on the footboard. Say a few choice swear words, go to the bathroom, and I make it back with no other incident and remarkably, fall back to sleep.

12:52: RAHF! RAHF! RAHF! What the hell is that? I pull myself out of my slumber and I jump out of bed. Lou sits up, “What is that?” “I don’t know, I think it is Matthew,” I said as I go to his room. I made my way to his room and found him sleeping soundly. What the hell was that noise? RAHF! RAHF! RAHF! So I send Lou downstairs. So he traipses downstairs, ready to confront the burglar that I am convinced is in my kitchen making barking noises. Turns out it was a fox in the yard, running around, yelping. So Lou and I go back to bed. And now sleep? No way.

1:45am: I guess I dosed off and now I wake up and hear Matthew whimpering. So I go in with him, and rub his back and help him go back to sleep. After about 15 minutes I go back to my room. Lou is awake again and watching golf, again. I pick up my book again and start reading. Of course, reading about flesh-eating bacteria in the middle of the night is not the best idea.

1:58: Lou decides he is hot and uncomfortable so he decides to go and rinse off. So he is in the bathroom, freshening up. Go figure.

2:15: Lou falls asleep and leaves the TV on the National Geographic Channel. It is on a show called Taboo and it is about rituals around the world that are considered, well, taboo. This one was on nudity. I don’t have a problem with that, but seeing people that are 70+ years old sitting in a church service naked does not help put me in a sleeping frame of mind. Note to self: Do NOT watch National Geographic after 11 pm.

4:23: Matthew comes into our bed and I am too tired to take him back to his room. So now I am wedged in between him and Lou. Matthew has a fistful of my hair and Lou has most of the bed.

7:00: I come out of my half-sleep. I honestly don’t know if I slept at all. The sleeping pill is still yanking on my eyeballs. Now in 2 hours we are off to Matthew’s kindergarten orientation. What a great impression I’ll make on his teacher: bags under my eyes that I could put my groceries in.

Tonight hopefully we can get to bed early. Maybe about 6. Or sooner. Or maybe a nap. Or two.


4 thoughts on “Oh what a night . . .

  1. Oh Keli… for a minute there I thought the sound was someone barfing…whew only a fox (probably rabid..haha). Get some sleep t his afternoon just make sure you wake up in time to get Matthew off the bus!

  2. You had me crying I was laughing so hard, can hear you swearing in the middle of the night. Love the fact that Lou would take a shower in the middle of the night instead of just turning on a fan. Too funny. I am sure by looking at your pics you made a fine impression on the teacher- looks like your boy had a good time as well.
    Thanks for the afternoon laugh it will get me through my meeting.:)lane

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