Another day . . .

Still dealing with this attack. Now the side effects keep up. Sore throat and some stomach issues . . . Prednisone may be the wonder drug, but it sucks!

Toward the beginning of this year, I took a step back from my graphic design business. With my health problems worsening, I had to do something, and that was the first to go. (Too much stress, blah, blah). I have been doing design for so long, I really thought I would miss it, and feel melancholy over ending my business, which I started almost 10 years ago. As I look around my office, I realize I don’t miss it at all. I miss the creative side of things, but I have certainly found plenty of creative outlets. I don’t miss the deadlines, the middle-of-the-night press checks, the clients that want everything yesterday. It took me a long time to realize that I needed to make decisions, not just go with the flow of the everyday. I am happier for it now. And now the opportunity I have with my husband’s company, getting my real estate license and selling homes for him and working w/other buyers and sellers, has made me realize how much I can enjoy another career. I never thought I would go from ‘artsy fartsy’ to sales, but who knew?

I am starting a series of paintings now – I feel more motivated to work on that now that that is my creative outlet. I think it was a good change.



2 thoughts on “Another day . . .

  1. a breadth of commitments and outlets in life is essential. congrats. i have been back and forth with with my different passions through life including design and painting and being able to step back and away from these commitments is a healthy step indeed.

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