Losing a friend

They say that bad luck comes in threes. I figure I am on my second set of 3’s for the last few months. A childhood friend died, a friend’s 3 year old died, a friend from high school’s wife was killed, I am having an attack and now I just found out that a friend of mine from college is nearing the end of a very long journey with colon cancer. He is my age, 37, married with 2 small children. He lived right below my apartment @ RIT. He dated my roommate during college and was a good friend. We all hung out together, went on vacations together, laughed together and cried together. We ate at Nick Tahoe’s many times (too many to count). And now to hear this . . . it is so sad. We all think we have such pressing problems: life, money, stress, work, etc . . . we have no idea how important the little things are. In his wife’s blog, she mentioned how sweet it was that he had the strength to read a book to their daughter. That was a very meaningful moment for them. How many of us just take for granted everytime we read to our kids, or even say to ourselves, “Not that book again!”. We need to take each of these moments and treat them as precious. Because soon they’ll be past us. The kids will be in school and we’ll be wishing for those days when we had to read that book “one more time”. My son just saw me writing this and the tears in my eyes and came over and gave me the biggest hug. Patting my back, he just said, “Don’t be sad, Mommy. I just want you to be happy.” These are the precious things we need to remember. Right now my heart and prayers go to Jim and his family.


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