Thought for the day

Another hot one here today. Supposed to by in the 90’s. People with MS have to watch the heat–it drains us faster than anything. And we have to watch out for Uthoff’s Phenomenon. A definition from the site is ” A build up of heat causes a worsening of nerve conduction. Overheated people generally find that they are more tired and sluggish. As a result, many people with MS find that heat can cause symptoms to worsen. This might involve a build up of fatigue, blurred vision or a loss of balance. Although unpleasant, the effects of heat are temporary and do not cause any permanent damage to nerves. The symptoms are generally quickly reversed when body temperature returns to normal.”

So my plans for riding are quickly being squashed like a bug. Poor Willy – we had a nasty thunderstorm last night too. I’m sure he isn’t complaining not having to work!

I have been thinking alot about our days. I have experienced so much tragedy this summer, so many deaths and illness in close friends. Friends my age, young children. It seems so unfair. So many families affected, friends mourning. I remember my doctor who treats my MS, Dr. Smith, once said to me, “As fatalistic as it sounds, we need to live everyday as if it were our last. No regrets.” So we could all do well to take some of that advice. Don’t keep putting things off – take action. Do something you have always wanted to do. Don’t wait. Maybe that sounds depressing, but sometimes we need that kick in the pants to act. That is part of why I started this blog.

So don’t just sit there and read this, get up and do something!



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