If wishes were horses . . .


Photo by Clark Angarano cangaran@rochester.rr.com

What is the old saying? If wishes were horses the beggars would ride? I wished that were true for my whole childhood! Horses were part of my life since I kid. I have always loved them. To me, they were always such majestic animals. I remember as a kid, sitting there, staring at the grass thinking what a perfect day to ride. My grandmother took me religiously to my riding lesson every week at the Golden Horseshoe, with Mr. Burnash, and old cowboy. I learned to ride western and fell in love with my first horse, Echo.

Mr. Burnash is gone now, and I know Echo is too. But that started my love of these animals. I have a horse now, Willy (show name Shakespeare) and love him like no other. He was my wedding gift from my wonderful husband. I think he knew that was a good way to start our marriage!
I have been at a few barns around Rochester, some good, some bad, and some really, really bad. I won’t go into any details, but let me put it this way: drugging horses is alive and well in the area and at many of the local shows.

Finding a good trainer is another issue. I have been with quite a few and each one had something different to offer. My first trainer was great: she helped me get over some fears and helped me deal with the weakness the MS had left with me. It was soon that we were jumping and I was loving it! She left to pursue a more lucrative lifestyle (teaching). Another trainer was no-nonsense and made me ride through anything. When Willy was misbehaving, she had me ride, regardless. I don’t know that this was good, as I learned many bad habits and so did he. As the owner of the barn, I couldn’t say too much, but we left after I discovered some abuses done to my horses. I had another trainer who was great. As someone who had shown extensively, she was great to get me back into showing. She was a great teacher and knew so much about horses. She doesn’t train anymore, but is still involved with horses. Yet another trainer worked in a different manner, teaching more centered riding than hunters. She was a good teacher and very kind to the horses, but I realized it wasn’t the riding I wanted to do. And we ended up moving, yet again. The trek to the barn was just too much.

One thing, I have stayed friends with all of the trainers I have ridden with. I have met some great people along the way. By the way, I am at a new barn, close to my home. I am now with a trainer who shows, does hunters, and who I consider a friend. So it has all worked out well. Willy is now 18 and still going strong!

But this wasn’t too be just about the horses, it was about finding something that is an escape, a dream, part of you. Finding that which makes you feel alive and going for it. My doctor isn’t too pleased that I jump, but he knows that it keeps my sanity!


Photo by Clark Angarano cangaran@rochester.rr.com


8 thoughts on “If wishes were horses . . .

  1. Keli i have gotten to know you & honey you are as awesome a person as you are a rider. I pray that the Lord will keep you in remission & give you many days of riding & showing. Enjoy & be happy ………….

  2. Keli, I am so glad to see you still riding even though your health doesn’t allow as much as you would like. Willy looks great and it is wonderful that he keeps going at 18. I hope you have many more enjoyable years with him.

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